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In 2020, we shifted our in-person work to a new 100% VIRTUAL OFFERING. This program is powerful, integrated year-long deep dive into neuroscience and consciousness.

What participants say about our work:

In their “Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching” workshop series,  Ursula and Ann have created a unique and profound co-active learning community in which they not only share the genius and depth of their vision and work but call it forth in those who attend as well.  This experience is far more than merely a “workshop.”  It is a transformational journey into the deepest realms of our being, one that is taken with pure honesty, humor and love.  On a practical level, expect to walk away with a extensive, highly innovative, yet very practical model and toolkit to apply the principles learned in coaching and in life.  But on a deeper more experiential level,  expect to “see” and “be seen”,  to connect with yourself and others from the place you truly reside, and to begin to integrate new paradigms about how and why we behave as we do — and maybe — to even see some miracles manifest right before your eyes!  Mostly, we discover how we can become the authors of our own transformation while as coaches we help others to do the same.  ~ Shari Sachs, Co-Active coach

The intensive retreat was invigorating, transformational and fun! The curriculum design (scope and sequence) was so fluid and so well built that it, as all good curricula do, faded into the background of the learning experience. Ann and Ursula, both master teachers, delivered the content with grace and joy, and by catering to all learning styles, we were constantly engaged and actively processing and applying our new knowledge. This experiential training also provided a medium for me and my fellow participants (who are brilliant and highly experienced coaches) to learn from one  another as we took the new content and tools out for a spin. Who knew learning about neuroscience could be so fun and interactive? I highly recommend this artfully integrated and inspirational training to anyone who is ready to shake things up, break things open, and try out some brilliant new tools in their coaching practice. ~ Kara Schommer, Director of Programs, Neighborhood House


Through BEabove Leadership, Ann and her partner, Ursula Pottinga, offer customized virtual training on the neuroscience of effectiveness. Their powerful workshops take participants on an experiential, relevant and highly useful journey through current brain research as it relates to coaching and leadership. Because the facilitators are deeply grounded in the disciplines of neuroscience, coach training and leadership development, training can be adapted to any organization’s particular needs and focus. It can be successfully delivered as a 3 to 4 hour introduction, or a one to three day in-depth training, again, depending on organizational needs. It can also be customized further to bring in the neuroscience behind particular areas of concern and interest, including:

  • Dealing with stress and uncertainty
  • Effective decision-making
  • Increasing employee engagement and motivation
  • Creating a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Enhancing teameffectiveness
  • Key aspects of leadership
  • The most effective coaching skills and tools
Contact Ann at for more information. 

What Participants Say

Training has been delivered in many countries and for a wide variety of different groups, including International Coach Federation chapters, public school districts, executives, and mid-level managers. Participants consistently rave about both the content and the experience:

As an internal coach for a global business, I find the work on the neuroscience of coaching to be transformative.  As a coach, I have now have science to support my “art”, and for those of us in corporate environments, this is critical to influence our businesses.  The workshop was beautifully done.  I could immediately see the practice implication in my life, in my coaching practice, and in my corporate world.  

~V.C., Maryland, U.S.A. 

Thanks again for the great Saturday we had in Istanbul. You passed such powerful information in such a short time.

~F.L., Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you for the exciting workshop on Saturday. I was absolutely fascinated by the subject and felt you delivered the material with imagination, also somehow making it accessible and most importantly, fun! 

~ R.S, London, England

 Thank you very much for your wonderful session today!! I could feel that both of you were present with great love, care and empathy. Today was really an eye-opening session for me.

~M.S., Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for a wonderfully insightful workshop – it has given me a new perspective about the scientific impact coaching has on clients – this adds more substance and credibility to our roles as coaches – so thank you both.

~ S.M., London, England

 Thank you once again for the amazing workshop and the follow up. Expecting to hear from you regarding the next workshop.

~G.T., Istanbul, Turkey

 I’m getting excellent feedback on the training last week. Thank you for such a great presentation.

~ T.C., Minnesota, U.S.A


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    • Victor, I sent you a reply via email as well. Here’s a link to the info and you can click through to registration.

      The November in LA is being postponed and moved to San Francisco in January, so right now we have November 14-18 in Pennsylvania open. If this doesn’t work I can give you the details on the San Francisco workshops.

      No plans for South America right now (I think I said South Africa in my email, sorry!) — where are you?



  1. Hola, soy aprendiz de coach, vivo en Medellín – Colombia y te solicito de la manera mas amable que me des las fechas y las ciudades de los próximos eventos en mi país, para poder asistir. Muchas gracias.

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