The Neuroscience of the “Woo-Woo”

Buddha MeditatingCheck out my latest contribution to Choice, the Magazine of Professional Coaching:

The Neuroscience of the “Woo-Woo,” or, you can’t do THAT! In which I explore as many myths as I can about what we’re not “supposed” to do in coaching, especially in the business world. Enjoy.

choice_v12n4_feature WooWoo Ann Betz (1)

6 responses

  1. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing it.

    Bob Esposito, CPCC

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    “What you are is what you have done. What you’ll be is what you DO NOW.” Buddha

  2. Thanks for this piece, Ann! As a certified life coach, I really appreciate having the role of neuroplasticity so engagingly connected with how coaching works to help people open to new possibilities and create the changes they greatly desire.

  3. Ann
    I found your list to be the powerful new tools that have been added to my skill set from the CTI Classes. I think that once you “trust the force Luke” and USE those tools that’s when big changes happen for clients. Coaches who are all in for their clients will have to overcome their own fear of rejection, starting with fear of interrupting…

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